Analysis of Barbaric The Golden Hero. A dungeon crawler very refreshing

A very interesting hero appears on mobile devices thanks to the wise minds of Upopa Games. A barbarian adventurer who stars in a dungeon Crawler as eye-catching as fun and challenging. Analysis Barbarić: The Golden Hero.

More and more titles are coming to the mobile gaming scene

More and more titles are coming to the mobile gaming sceneA sector that, as many of you already know, is currently generating the most money in this industry, whether we like it or not. Tell Nintendo and Pokémon Company! Unfortunately, many of the offers that arrive go unnoticed due to the huge gameplay available every week, unfortunately that on this[/b] occasion we did not want it to happen to [B]Barbaric: the Golden Hero.

This production of Upopa Games for both iOS and Android devices has convinced me fully, being one of my favorite titles for such mobile gaming platforms of all the edited over the past few months. The reason is that it itches and hooks like few, and that is due to the intelligent game mechanics the hero of this adventure is a blond-haired barbarian who has a sensational quality: rolling on the ground! And this is the way we have to control and guide the actions of the protagonist, which means unconventional handling for a kind of game like the Dungeon Crawlers.

Carambolas and adventures

Carambolas and adventuresThe control system and part of the game mechanics of this work have a fairly close relationship with that golden goose that is Angry Birds. In order to displace our character through the funds, we must use a pointing system in which, as if it were a slingshot, it is necessary to determine both the strength and the direction that we want the protagonist to follow.

Our role in each one of the levels, there are those with full hands, by the way, consists in liquidating all the monsters that are found in each of the dungeons that are part of the world Barbaric: The Golden Hero. And the way to attack the enemies is precisely by rolling down the ground to assault and crush them. It may sound a little odd, but I assure you, the title manages to make itself tremendously attractive.

As a curiosity, as you lose speed during your displacement the action slows down for a few moments, which allow us to attack rivals more precisely… and why not say, also spectacular.

And what happens when we take out the rivals? As we move forward, it is possible to pick up different objects inside the coffers, from swords to better protections for our character, which encourages us to continue playing. And the more powerful our protagonist becomes, the more interest each game takes, given that the level of difficulty is well adjusted and from time to time we have to take on pretty tough challenges… but never disproportionate.