Review of rage 2 and few other games in the same category

Announced by obligation after several leaks just a year ago, Rage 2 caught us by surprise, for his bet on a much more hooligan tone than his predecessor, a first-person shooter mixed with open world adventure in third who had great ideas, but failed to execute it and a story too poor to take advantage of the apocalyptic world created by id Software before its final rebirth with Doom’s reboot in 2016.

Bethesda wanted to impregnate the sequel with colorines, as if one of those Holi races was involved, and bet much more on that Mad Max touch for her wasteland, too deserted in the first installment. All this with a shared job: for id Software, FPS parts; for Avalanche Studios, the open world after its experience especially in Just Cause and Mad Max’s own video game. The idea is clear, that expert studies in each half of the game specialize in them, but does this “Frankenstein” work? Half.

RAGE 2 is a sequel to usage, set on this occasion 30 years after the events of the first. We live on Walker, who, after the return of the Authority (who had simply gone underground after the events of the first) assumes almost by accident the role of a Ranger, being in the dessert the last that is left to defend the Wasteland. From that initial point, a vague narrative develops in which we will have to find the necessary support to move forward the dagger project, which aims to stop the authority and bring everything back to the Blessed free will of this peculiar world.

This Ranger suit will provide us with a special power like the ro ghoul codes in roblox

As it is able to channel the Nanotrites that flood our bloodstream to provide us with a variety of killer skills with which to give something more of an offensive arsenal than just our weapons. From overload, it acts as a” fury mode ” that increases the damage inflicted, to barriers, explosive vortexes, air strikes that crush enemies, launches or dodging. All these combination possibilities as explained in a detailed explanation about roblox and its ro ghoul codes by to make the gameplay extremely dynamic and satisfying. For you to get an idea, inevitably remember Doom considering they share a father, but also to some extent Bulletstorm, and that comparison is always good.

Yes, the level design favors more the enjoyment of shooting scenarios inside that in those positions, enemies and camps, bandits or mutants in roblox to the access from the open world. In these installations, above all underground, we can face the exchange of bullets from various alternative paths and maximize the effectiveness of our powers by the funnel effect.


Another leg in Rage 2’s offer is driving. After all, the distances to be saved on your huge map are quite considerable and is the fastest means of transport (except for the fast journey between main locations). The handling of the vehicles, most of them armoured, has not been satisfactory enough, especially in turns. This sensation is maximized in racing events, which were a sign of identity already in the first, and which here do not get to the same level of satisfaction of Rage 1.

As for the open world, we have a not too high offer in terms of the variety of activities, but in terms of the number, as each of them is repeated quite a lot. This is precisely what has just made the game to Rage 2 tedious, the fact that we have to do similar activities in which only those of Mutant Bash (a kind of crazy post-apocalyptic reality show that brings out the best of shootings in a particular wave Sand mode) can become memorable. The rest can be torn down by enemy turrets that protect an area, manage to destroy a moving convoy and the vehicles that accompany it, clean up enemy camps, wipe out all, destroy mutant nests, etc.

We can take Just Cause 4 as an example (better than Generation Zero)

The problem of Avalanche is that of almost all studies that work with open worlds, that are able to fill a map of considerable size with activities every few meters, but they do not get us to have interest for them beyond those completists who want to reach 100%. For more inri, in Rage 2 to some extent we are forced to perform these secondary tasks, as they allow us to obtain some of the components necessary to advance our character, his abilities, vehicles and weapons.

Speaking of progression, Rage 2 is one of the most messy we’ve seen in years. It is too complex to know the usefulness of all the items we are getting as a reward. The distribution of the menus is also not the most appropriate and in the long run it ends up making us not understand very well what the requirements and next steps are to be carried out, Besides the roblox game and  the improvements are obtained in exchange for the payment of a number of items in one of the stores of the commercial cities of the game. As we said, too messy to have control over the type of character we want to set up.

To this we must add that, like Indiana Jones, we will have to go in search of the lost coffers

These capsules inhabited by some of the survivors of the asteroid impact Apophis 99942, and which we already knew in the first Rage, end up being the unlocking stalls of your Nanotrite skills and
some of your guns. Only once do they appear as part of a history mission and because what we are going to unlock is somehow related to the design of that particular mission. It is perhaps the only thing we can feel that artificially prolongs the development of the game itself, as they end up being necessary if we want to have options to face the most difficult challenges, and locating them all is not as intuitive as taking a look at the map.

Apophis 99942

The sensations that Rage 2 leaves in terms of duration are more than correct. The main campaign, if you want to go as direct as possible, could be completed in about 12 hours for the main mission. Here it will depend on the skill of the player and whether he has first chosen to perform other tasks to arrive with a better prepared character to a final stretch with big shootings… but in which the script makes water (we did not ask for a narrative that would touch excellence, but you will understand when you arrive). From there, it will depend a lot on what has entered your eyes the rest of the activities, if you want to clear the map, Complete All The Races and sands of Mutant Bash, that case, it can exceed 25 easily.


Rage 2 stands out above all the more it looks like Doom. There are certain shootings where you’re like fish in the water moving from here to there handing out bullets with a magnificent gunplay while crushing or crushing enemies with your special Nanotrite skills and if you have similar skills to kill the enemy with special effects and getting help from the ro ghoul codes. If it had been a more classical, more linear FPS, it would surely stand out more than it does in practice, because this good taste of mouth is diluted in the bland activities of the open world, which rarely succeed in surprising or satisfying us. We will forever have doubts about what this project would have been purely developed by id Software, something that Bethesda paralysed in favor of Doom’s reboot, for clearly the balance on Good Things in Rage 2 is off that side.