Wargroove, Advance Wars already has spiritual heir

Without counting the spin-offs, if one stops to watch the latest installments of the Fire Emblem saga (Awakening, Fates and Shadows of Valentia) it is difficult to see remarkable differences between them. The core of the experience is so solid, it has been so many years of improvement, that the novelties are usually found elsewhere: different endings, stories, graphic improvements and little. No need to touch what works, unless you already sell .

That’s why Fire Emblem is a franchise with good health, and therefore is pending to jump to Nintendo Switch. But it is, too, because it has no direct competitors . The only one that could face him is the Advance Wars series, but they share parents (Intelligent Systems in the development and Nintendo in the distribution) and they do not seem interested in stepping on themselves. Things may change now that Wargroove has entered the equation.

The Chucklefish Creation

You may know this little Chucklefish creation because it has been number one in the European eShop since its launch ten days ago. And the position is deserved. Without reaching the perfection of a game of Intelligent Systems, the raw material shines enough for this to be considered a spiritual heir of Advance Wars, and even incorporates little things that make your proposal advance a couple of steps.

If you come totally disconnected from the genre, I’ll tell you in three quick strokes : the idea is to beat the opponent in a scenario in which you have to capture areas, in order to have more troops to send to the conquest and end up drowning the opponent. It is usually won by capturing the strength of the other or eliminating its commander, although the story mode incorporates variants that dress the formula with several turns of the nut, the stick ‘escapes the enemy siege’ or ‘visit these points on the map to finish ‘


Chucklefish Creation

The Wargroove

When the battle is at its peak, each movement becomes a multitude of calculations conditioned by the type of unit, its mobility, the terrain from which it attacks and a generous etcetera. The simile that best exemplifies it is a game of chess , and in those moments the magic lived in the best times of Advance Wars is recovered. In addition, the inclusion of stronger, leading units that suppose the end of departure if they are eliminated makes the whole work with dynamics that we never saw in the times of GB Advance and NDS.

I insist that Wargroove is not perfect, that it does not allow to accelerate the clock in some shifts of planning and that in the campaign there are games of almost an hour that can go to hell for unfair development decisions. But I tell you, whoever expected a return of the formula can be in luck . In addition, the game comes with a level editor that gives for separate item. It is of those generous premieres to those who know badly to take a but, so although there are, I keep the good. Of that there is also more.

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