Fortnite season 8: how to overcome all the challenges

La Escape mode has just returned for a limited time to season 8 of Fortnite , bringing under its arm a new temporary event called Todo en Juego . This new event will be active during the next 5 days, and poses new challenges and rewards to the players.

In this guide we are going to give you all the necessary tricks and tips so that you know how to overcome all the challenges of Todo en Juego in Fortnite , and thus you can overcome all the free cosmetic objects that are part of the event. Prepared?

How to overcome all the challenges of the All in Play event in Fortnite season 8

La Escape mode has very specific rules: it is a 4-player squad mode, without respawn, in which we must get some jewels and take them to a safe extraction point. We gave you guidelines and tips in our guide to tricks and strategies to win in La Huída mode .

The challenges of Todo en Juego in season 8 of Fortnite are the following:

All-or-nothing recompense Fortnite season 8
Complete challenges of The Flight (2)
Win a game of The Flight (1)
Win games of The Flight (3)
Win games of The Flight (5)
Use a spear thrower in different games of The Flight (5)
Inflicts damage to rivals wearing a jewel (200)
Collect a jewel in different games of The Flight (3)

To win games in La Huída , all you have to do is try not to be too aggressive. The best thing is to throw yourself to an area far from the point where the jewels are, equip the best you can and go hunting for the bearer of a jewel. Teamwork is in this key way.

How to overcome all the challenges of the All in Play event in Fortnite season 8

Good Strategy

A good strategy is to get close to the extraction vans, if it is with explosive weapons such as a rocket launcher, better than better, and try to finish the rival teams while trying to evacuate the jewel.

This will also allow you to be able to not only win games, but also other challenges at the same time, such as collecting jewels and inflicting damage on rivals who wear the jewel. It is, perhaps, the best tactic to complete most of the challenges quickly.

Finally, the one of the spear throwers is the simplest of all. The object abounds, so you only have to take one, use it once, and leave it to count towards the progress of the challenge …

With this you already know how to overcome the challenges of All or Nothing in Fortnite Season 8 . If you need more help with the game, here you can see how to earn more XP and climbing fast level in season number 8 , the 9 Things you might not know of season 8 Fortnite (caskets, new objects …) , the three best places to land in season 8 , the 50 tricks that will help you win games , the best weapons (updated to January 2019) , the best maps of the Creative mode (and the codes to access them) , how and where find the buried treasure or the best place to farmear a lot of wood and fast stone .

You also have our Fortnite guide , full of tricks and tips of all kinds, to master the best weapons in the game, learn to build better and, of course, how to complete all the challenges of season 8 , all the challenges of Discovery (as the old Nevada), without forgetting other useful guides like where to find all the guns in season 8 , the best configuration to play with the command or how the new system of markers works .

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